Educational Videos

Bad to the Bone: Bone health for women

Welcome and Introductions. 0:10
Overview of steroids and impact on bone health. 4:54
How do we learn about a patient’s bone health? 7:03
Medications for Osteoporosis 9:13
Risk of Fracture 9:56
Does vasculitis impact my bone health or is it just the medications? 13:57
Hormone Replacement Therapy. 18:36
Osteo Strong 22:25
If a medication causes bone deterioration, it it permanent? 24:13
Your Diet and Bone Loss. 26:27
Getting enough calcium and Vitamin D. 29:41
What foods are highest in calcium? 31:35
Takeaways on bone health and vasculitis. 32:07
Q&A: What doctor should I talk to about hormone replacement? 33:28
Q&A: As a newly diagnosed patient should I get a baseline done on my bone health? 34:07
Q&A: Is there a particular time that it’s better to take Vitamin D? 34:55
Q&A: Which type of Vitamin D should I be taking? 35:47
Q&A: Should I have an endocronologist on my medical team? 36:26
Q&A: I’m facing knee and spine surgery. What are my special considerations? 37:15

This will be a deeper dive into the risks/impact of vasculitis and vasculitis treatments on women’s bone health and how to preserve or improve bone health.