Educational Videos

Approaches to managing sleep, pain, fatigue, and uncertainty in chronic conditions

Uncertainity after a diagnosis 2:12
Study: The Association of Uncertianity with Mental Health in Systemic Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases 4:25
Study: Fear of Cancer Reoccurance: A Model Examination of Physical Symptoms, Emotional Distress, and Health Behavior Change 5:57
Use of Mind-Body Practices Among Cancer Survivors 7:26
Stress Management and Resiliency Training 9:49
Grand Rounds: Taming the Fear of Recurrence Monster in Cancer. 12:27
Reviewing skills for managing fear and worry in illness. 14:56
Brief techniques to induce the relaxation response and countering stress response. 15:30
Setting aside Worry Time””. 17:18
Idealized self imagery. 18:06
Sleep quality assessment. 19:34
Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. 21:38
Skill 1: Stimulus Control 25:04
Skill 2: Sleep Restriction 26:21
Skill 3: Sleep hygience. 27:16
Skill 4: Relaxation training. 28:23
Skill 5: Cognitive Therapy 28:59

Description: A fascinating presentation exploring how uncertianity in chronic disease affects the physical, emotional, and mental systems. Daniel Hall, PhD., shares techniques and strategies to help in reducing anxiety and insomnia.

Presenter: Daniel Hall, PhD, is a staff psychologist in MGH’s Department of Psychiatry and an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. He serves on the faculty in programs including Health Promotion and Resiliency Intervention Research and the Health Policy Research Center at the Mongan Institute, as well as the Behavioral Medicine Program, the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine, and the Cancer Center for Psychiatric Oncology and Behavioral Sciences at MGH. He also holds a Certificate in Clinical Effectiveness from the T.H. Chan Harvard School of Public Health.