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2022 Vasculitis Virtual Adult Conference: Vasculitis Patient-Powered Research (VPPRN) Network Update

Introductions. 0:21
An overview of the Vasculitis Patient Powered Network (VPPRN) by Jenn Gordon. 2:18
VPPRN Membership: disease breakdown. 5:06
Who We Are: Investigators, Patient-Partners, Staff 7:34
Recent VPPRN Studies 14:07
VPPRN Current and Future Studies. 16:27
VPPPRN Research Publications. 21:08
Journey to Diagnosis 21:26
Effects of COVID-19 on Patients Living with Vasculitis. 22:44
AAV-PRO 24:49
Why should you join the VPPRN? 25:54

Peter A. Merkel, MD, MPH, Chief, Division of Rheumatology, University of Pennsylvania
Jenn Gordon, PhD, VPPRN Co-Principal Investigator