Educational Videos

2022 Vasculitis Virtual Adult Conference: 2022 Vasculitis & ANCA Workshop Report: An International Review of Research and What it means for patients

Orbital vessel MRI in Giant Cell Arteritis. 2:01
Tools used in large vessel vasculitis. 3:43
JAK Stat Pathway in large vessel vasculitis. 4:47
Theraputic options in GCA: Baricitinib. 5:47
EGPA: Better characterizations of the disease manifestations. 15:27
EGPA: Predictors and better definition of the prognosis. 18:55
EGPA: New available treatments and long-term efficacy of approved treatments. 21:19
REOVAS Trial 24:43
MPA and GPA Workshop Highlights. 28:36
New data on the use of Rituximab for prevention of relapses. 29:10
Avocopan–ADVOCATE Study 34:19
Question: What are side effects of Avopan vs prednisone? 39:15
Q: Was there anything in the conference addressing fatigue and vasculitis? 40:08

Alvise Berti, MD, PhD, Vasculitis Center, Santa Chiara Hospital of Trento, Italy
Divi Cornec, MD, PhD, Service de Rhumatologie, Université de Brest, France
Anisha B. Dua, MD, Director, Vasculitis Center, Northwestern Medicine, Chicago, Illinois