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2022 Vasculitis Pediatric Conference: Medications–What’s available for childhood vasculitis?

Introduction Dr. Ellen Go 0:20
Drug discovery and development is a long and risky road. 2:48
Facts about pediatric research. 6:53
Programs to support pediatric drug development. 7:54
Treatment considerations in childhood systemic vasculitis. 8:45
What do these drugs have in common? 10:02
Cyclophosphamide (low dose) 10:57
Rituximab 12:58
Steroids 14:15
Methotrexate 16:00
Azathioprine 17:28
Tocilizumab 18:36
Infliximab 19:24
Mepolizumab 21:02
Avocopan 21:52
Takeaway tips. 22:52

Ellen Go, MD, Pediatric Rheumatologist, Riley Hospital for Children, Indianapolis, Indiana