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2022 Vasculitis Pediatric Conference: Introductions / Updates On Pediatric Vasculitis

Welcome and introductions by Sara Amodio. 0:27
The diagnostic journey with vasculitis. 7:57
How common are these diseases? 8:51
Classification of vasculitis by blood vessels. 10:36
IgA vasculitis: The most common childhood form of vasculitis. 13:06
Treatment considerations. 14:46
ANCA Vasculitis. 17:40
The Pediatric Vasculitis Initative. 20:56
Consensus Treatment Plan (CTP) 21:53
Data and samples. 22:57

Welcome and Introductions
Sara Baird Amodio, MSW, EdD, President, VF Board of Directors, Erie, Colorado

Updates on Pediatric Vasculitis
Vidya Sivaraman, MD, Pediatric Rheumatologist, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at The Ohio State University, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio