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2020 Newly Diagnosed VF Virtual Patient Conference: What Does Wellness Look Like in a Pandemic?

Introducing Dr. Leonard Calabrese. 0:32
The Course of COVID-19 Infection – A Paradigm for Therapy 3:52
What triggers the immune response? 5:07
What makes us vulnerable to infections? 6:51
Protecting ourselves in the era of COVID-19. 7:38
Moderate physical activity is associated with reduced incidence of respiratory infection. 9:05
The Western Diet and the Immune System: An Inflammatory Connection. 11:49
Eating for immune health. 13:25
What about supplements? 15:18
The immune system and your brain. 15:54
What triggers the immune response? 17:08
Stress impacts your immune system. 18:46
Mindfulness Meditation. 20:14
Building Immune Strength 21:17

Dr. Leonard Callabrese discusses the challenges specific to immuno-compromised patients during the COVID-19 global health crisis. He talks about how personal behavior and smart strategies can be the best defense in our current pandemic.

Note: This video was recorded in October 2020 and may not reflect the most recent developments, or latest news about COVID-19. Please consult your doctor with any questions about COVID-19.

Leonard Calabrese, DO
Co-Director, Center for Vasculitis Care and Research
Director, R.J. Fasenmeyer Center for Clinical
Immunology Cleveland Clinic