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2020 Newly Diagnosed VF Virtual Patient Conference: Understanding Your Lab Tests and Imaging Results

Objectives of presentation. 3:00
Purposes of Lab Tests 3:51
Common Labs: Complete Blood Count, Basic Metabolic Panel. 7:17
Liver Function Tests and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel. 10:47
Urinalysis testing. 12:07
Inflammatory markers. 14:35
Vasculitis-specific labs. 16:44
ANCA testing. 18:59
Chest imaging. 20:26
Large vessel vasculitis imaging. 22:13
Labs that might be performed before starting various immune drugs. 27:28
How to talk to your provider about your labs. 29:35
Q&A: Why would an MRI be used instead of an MRA? 32:22
Q&A: How concerned should vasculitis patients be more concerned about radiation from CT scans? 33:25
Q&A: Can these labs and tests be used to determine remission? 36:13

A newly diagnosed patient with vasculitis is often faced with undergoing various tests. Understanding the purpose of these tests and what they mean can be overwhelming. Dr. Kevin Byram gives an excellent pimer about common blood, urine, and imaging tests, and how to discuss them with your doctor.

Kevin Byram, MD
Co-Director, Vasculitis Center
Associate Director, Rheumatology
Vanderbilt University Medical Center