Educational Videos

2020 Newly Diagnosed VF Virtual Patient Conference: Emerging Therapies

Introduction of Dr. Phil Seo. 0:21
Presentation Highlights. 3:09
Learning from the Minions. 4:09
Autoimmune Disease in a Nutshell. 4:41
The three major functions of your immune system. 5:43
Strategy #1: Selective Inflammatory Cell Depletion. 7:37
Conventional Immunosuppression In a Nutshell. 8:38
Mepolizumab (Nucala) for EGPA. 10:59
Strategy #1: Cytokine-Based Strategies. 13:06
Tocilzumab (Actemra) for GCA. 14:26
Strategy #3: Inhibition of Immune Targeting. 18:24
Plasmapheresis: How to get rid of antibodies really fast. 19:52
Avocopan: It’s like teflon for your blood vessels. 21:44

Understanding vasculitis is not easy. It’s a complex, clinically complicated disease that challenges even medical professionals. However, in this popular and user-friendly presentation, Dr. Phil Seo breaks down those barriers with an entertaining, patient-friendly overview of vasculitis.

Philip Seo, MD
Director, The Johns Hopkins Vasculitis Center
John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center