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2020 Advanced Patients and Their Families Conference: Steroids 202: Managing Long-term use of high dose steroids

Introducing Dr. Tanaz Kermani. 0:34
Glucocorticoids: The Basics. 3:37
Cortisol. 4:05
Glucocorticoids: Dosing in vasculitis. 7:46
Glucocorticoids: Side effects. 10:19
Glucocorticoids: Long term use. 12:19
Glucocorticoids: Strategies to help with side effects. 14:20
Risk of infection. 17:01
Bone health. 18:47
Adrenal Insufficiency. 22:24
Dental issues with steroids. 24:28
Q&A: How long is too long with taking steroids? How much is too much? 26:18
Q&A: What are some of the side effects of prednisone that don’t resolve? 27:01
Q&A: Has hair loss been associated with prednisone? 27:43
Q&A: Is the duration of steroids cumulative? 28:23
Q&A: What are the challenges of getting off of steroids that you’ve been taking for a long time? 29:01
Q&A: What about alternate day dosing of steroids? 29:41

In this presentation, Dr. Kermani takes a closer look at the role of steroids in treating vasculitis. She covers dosing of glucocorticoids, possible adverse effects, and ways to manage these challenges.

Tanaz Kermani, MD
Associate Clinical Professor
Founder and Director, Vasculitis Program
University of California, Los Angeles