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2020 Advanced Patients and Their Families Conference: Special Considerations of the Lungs and Airways in Systemic Vasculitis

Introducing Dr. Ulrich Specks. 0:40
Respiratory Symptoms in Vasculitis. 3:17
Potential Causes of Respiratory Symptoms in Vasculitis. 5:13
Dyspnea = Shortness of Breath. 6:28
How does the system get enough oxygen? 9:06
Diagnostic procedures to identify the cause(s) of Respiratory Symptoms in vasculitis patients. 11:14
Pulmonary Function Testing. 14:32
Bronchoscopy. 16:54
Large airway obstruction in GPA. 19:25
Treatment complications. 21:37
Pulmonary hypertension. 23:55
Pulmonary embolism. 25:06
Obstructive sleep apnea. 26:00
Summary. 27:19
Q&A: What are your thoughts on pro prophylactic medication for ANCA-Associated vasculitis? 29:17
Q&A: What do you recommend in the case of a sulfa allergy? 31:48
Q&A: Would nodules be indicative of active/previous active disease, or could it be from the methotextrate? 34:07

Pulmonologist, Dr. Ulrich Specks, provides an invaluable overview of how the respiratory system can be affected by vasculitis. He covers the common symptoms, potential causes of those symptoms in patients.

Ulrich Specks, MD
Professor of Medicine
Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care
Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine
Mayo Clinic