Planning Ahead for Emergency Visits

Planning Ahead for Emergency Visits

I work as an RN in an emergency department in downtown Cleveland and I see people on a daily basis who through no fault of their own, end up in one of our rooms needing medical attention.

Whether it be an accident or some other medical emergency, the doctors and nurses need to know medication allergies, medications and medical conditions you are being treated for and the sooner they know that information, the safer you will be.

We recommend to our patients to carry in their purse or wallet a list of the medications they are presently taking, the name and phone number of their doctor and any conditions they are being treated.

Another service that does the same thing is The Medic Alert Tag. For around $40.00 a year it does the same thing. It can be updated periodically if new meds are added or some meds are stopped. I consider it a cheap insurance policy that could save your life if you are in an accident because first responders look for medical bracelets or necklaces that provide all the medical information they need to treat you. Who knows what information may save your life someday. We all need to be proactive and not reactive when it comes to our own health care.

Bill Neely shares his story through the VF’s Extraordinary Stories Video project.  Click here to view the video.