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McKenzie’s Story

McKenzie has Behcet’s Disease.  After watching McKenzie’s video, you may realize there are actually several extraordinary turning points in her story.

—- After visiting dozens of specialists, the cause of McKenzie’s symptoms couldn’t be pinpointed.  However, it was McKenzie herself who finally found the clues that lead to her diagnosis of Behcet’s Disease.

— During her stay in the hospital, McKenzie ended up ultimately helping a young patient who was exhibiting symptoms that stumped the doctors.  Amazingly, McKenzie’s own condition helped provide clues that lead to the other patient’s diagnosis.

In this video, McKenzie talks candidly about the impact of a rare disease on her social life.  Her parents join her in the discussion to talk about trying to help their daughter navigate through the obstacles of getting a diagnosis.

Her parents, Steve and Nicole, talk about being a parent and watching as his child’s health continues to deteriorate. “It’s one of the most heart wrenching things a parent can go through,” says Steve.  “On one hand you’re trying to help your child who isn’t getting better.  At the same time you are having constant battles with doctors and with the insurance companies.  We reached a point where we asked—has this become our life?”

In the end, their message is cautiously positive.  Extraordinary things can happen even during the most challenging times.

Click here to watch her video.

The Extraordinary Vasculitis Stories project is produced by Ed and Mary Becker for the Vasculitis Foundation.