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Maureen’s Story

Maureen has Takayasu’s arteritis.  A few years ago, Maureen began to experience a cluster of symptoms.  She also experienced one of the great challenges for vasculitis patients—getting a diagnosis.

A pulmonologist said that she had asthma.

A neurologist that said that she was having migraines resulting for a possible seizure

A physiologist said she needed physical therapy.

A gastroenterologist said she has diverticulitis.

Finally, a nurse checking her vital signs told Maureen that she didn’t have a pulse!

Maureen’s husband, Bruce, immediately went online to discover one potential cause of pulselessnes— a rare disease called, Takayasu’s Arteritis.   Out of the 12 different criteria for Takayasu’s arteritis, Maureen exhibited 11 of them.

In this video, Maureen talks about the challenge of finally getting a diagnosis of Takayasu’s arteritis after many months of visiting specialists.

Her husband, Bruce, shares his viewpoint as a spouse who watched helplessly as his wife’s health deteriorated without any diagnosis.

They talk about the need to work together as a team to navigate the many obstacles that can stand between getting a diagnosis and the proper treatment.

Click here to watch her video.

The Extraordinary Vasculitis Stories project is produced by Ed and Mary Becker for the Vasculitis Foundation.