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Listen and Learn! New UNC Podcast Series Focuses on Autoimmune Disease

Want to learn the latest information regarding autoimmune disease? The Chair’s Corner is a new, educational autoimmune disease podcast series hosted by Dr. Ron Falk, Department of Medicine Chair at the University Of North Carolina School of Medicine.

Episodes posted to date include topics related to heart failure, HIV cure research, and ANCA vasculitis, and feature interviews with Dr. Falk and UNC physicians who specialize in those conditions.

This new series will bring you 12 weeks of episodes related to autoimmune disease — from basic science information, to getting diagnosed with a disease, along with a special focus on a selection of diseases.

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We can’t see our immune system, but we know it’s there to defend the body against disease and infection. What happens when our defense changes? When autoimmune disease develops, the immune system attacks healthy cells by mistake.

  • Episode One: The Science Behind Autoimmune Disease
    Dr. Ron Falk and Dr. Meghan Free begin this series with a conversation about what goes wrong in the cells of the human body during an autoimmune disease process. Dr. Free is a basic science researcher whose work focuses on the autoimmune disease vasculitis; she is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the UNC Division of Nephrology.

“We know in patients with autoimmune disease that there are breaks in tolerance, that there are certain genes or certain receptors or proteins that are either misfolded, dysregulated – there’s something amiss within those pathways that causes your body to mistake yourself for an antigen.” ~Meghan Free, PhD.

  • Episode Two: Getting Diagnosed with Autoimmune Disease
    Dr. Ron Falk and Dr. Patrick Nachman talk about the process of getting diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and what can help people get through this. Dr. Nachman sees patients who have vasculitis and other diseases that affect the kidney; he is a Marion Stedman Covington Distinguished Professor of Medicine in the University of North Carolina Division of Nephrology.

    “Remember that you cannot do this alone. It’s very important to engage a confidante, a family member, a friend, a neighbor, who will walk this road with you.” ~ Patrick Nachman, MD

The podcasts are available here: https://www.med.unc.edu/medicine/news/chairs-corner