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Kimberly’s Story

My name is Kimberly. Though I hated swallowing the medicines, I did with a ritual and timing that was determined to get rid of this thing.  Each time I took a pill, I would hope is this going to do it.  Am I going to wake up and feel much better?  Is my hearing going to come back?  Am I going to walk again? On and on with these questions and more and more questions kept coming.  How did I get this?  Was it something I ate?  Was it the environment? Why am I getting it?  I didn’t smoke, barely drank, and ate very healthy.  I rarely went to the doctors.  Why me?  Will my kids get it?  Should I get them tested?  The questions were unstoppable and were driving me crazy.  The worst part was I was not going to get answers, but they still kept coming anyway.

First you have the questions of “What is it,” followed by questions of the past, present, and future.  It doesn’t matter what the answers are to the questions.  These types of questions only bring you more into the stress and depression that pulls you down along with the disease attacking your body.  These questions are part of the healing process, but you have to move on and proceed beyond them so that you can continue the healing process.  You are not going to kick this thing into remission by wondering what ifs.  You need to just motivate yourself toward a more positive healing, and stop asking WHY.

Published: May 2011

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