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Invest in the Vasculitis Foundation this Holiday Season

During 2014, we at the Vasculitis Foundation have been especially proud of the programs and services we have been able to offer our community. Planning for the 2015 International Vasculitis Symposium is underway, regional Conferences have taken place across the United States, the new webinar series has been a great success, the Extraordinary Stories video library has expanded, and we continue to offer the most up-to-date information on the website and in the bi-monthly newsletter.

As you know, suppokarenHirschphoto_playpic10.22.2014rt and education is at the forefront of our mission, but as important is the work we do in research. During 2014 we funded three new vasculitis research studies, illustrating our dedication to the research community. We also funded Dr. Elizabeth Brant’s Vasculitis Fellowship for a second year, and welcomed Dr. Rennie Rhee to our family, naming her the second Vasculitis Fellow. 

​Have you ever wondered who funds these important programs and services? ​The answer is simple: You do. 

Thanks to the generous gifts that you make throughout the year, we are able to provide all of our programs and services. You fund this work through your dues renewal payments, monetary gifts, and donations of time and talent.

During the Holiday Season we launch our Annual Appeal Campaign. You may have already received your letter in the mail. Please, if you have not already, consider making a gift so that our programs and services can continue to grow and thrive. You may also make a gift online here. 

We should all be proud of the work accomplished this year. And as an investor in the Vasculitis Foundation, we know that you appreciate the return on your investment.