Deadline:  April 25, 2021

Distance:  5 km

Two categories:  running or walking

Place:  All over the world – just log in to the Activity application and in any area (forest, park, greenery, botanical garden, historic garden, stadium) you will walk or run 5 km

Safety: the virtual Vsparcia Run is individual. Remember to follow the rules, regulations and recommendations related to the state of the epidemic in force on the route.

Registration:  via the Evenea platform https://app.evenea.pl/event/biegvsparcia/

Objective:  #Vsupporting patients with systemic vasculitis, promoting the activities of the Vasculitis Association and caring for health through physical activity in a safe form during the pandemic.

The slogan of the run : Early diagnosis – appropriate treatment – SAVES LIVES!

Final:  sending a photo of the participant (s) from the place of the run to the address
vas[email protected] or marking us on Facebook or Instagram  #vspieram  or  #biegvsparcia

We cordially invite you  to take part in the “Vsparcia” Run by the Vasculitis Association Poland. It is an association of patients with systemic vasculitis and their families and other people who support their fight against the disease. Vasculitis is a group of rare chronic autoimmune diseases. Timely diagnosis  and  appropriate therapy  allow you to achieve remission and a  normal life . Unfortunately, not every possible therapy is reimbursed in our country. Therefore, the aim of the association is to disseminate knowledge about this group of diseases and to  fight for the availability of the latest methods of therapy. The association was established in the fall of 2019 with the substantive and organizational support of doctors of the Department of Internal Diseases, Nephrology and Dialysis of the Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw. Unfortunately, the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020 turned most of the activities planned by us to nothing. We would now like to intensify our efforts in a modified form.

The income from the tickets will be allocated entirely to the organization of the “Vsparcia Run”, the aim of which is to promote the Vasculitis Association, its assumptions and ideas, education on systemic vasculitis, and taking care of health and physical activity in a safe form during a Pandemic.

You can find more about the activities of our “Vasculitis” Association on our website.

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