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In March 2011, after five months of mysterious health problems, my husband, Keith, was diagnosed with Wegener’s Granulomatosis, a form of vasculitis.  Diagnosis gave us an answer, but despite various treatments, his health continued to decline (and more rapidly than before) over the next two months. I felt helpless as we made many trips to the doctor’s office and emergency room; it seemed as if his life was coming to an end right before my eyes. 

Things began to turn around the last week of May 2011 when I made a phone call to Joyce at the Vasculitis Foundation. That morning, I had watched Keith working at his desk – without even enough strength to sit up straight – trying to carry on business for our construction company and cattle ranch, and I was desperate to find help for him.  Joyce patiently listened as I rambled on about Keith’s story, and by the end of the day, she had connected us to Dr. Ulrich Specks at the Mayo Clinic. Just one week later, we visited Dr. Specks in Rochester, MN; he quickly changed the course of Keith’s treatment, and changed the direction of Keith’s life. 

Today, Keith is healthy and strong once again, and we could not be more thankful. He keeps busy as a husband and dad of three boys, and runs our construction business and cattle ranch, as well as being highly involved in our community.  He is still under the care of Dr. Specks and has continued ongoing treatment. We are incredibly grateful to the Vasculitis Foundation for their efforts in educating people about this family of diseases, as well as supporting ongoing research, and on a personal level, supporting those individuals and families affected by vasculitis.

We are excited to be hosting the Rocking Bar H Spaghetti Western Dinner to benefit the Vasculitis Foundation this month! Seeing the difference they made in Keith’s life is a reminder to us that there is hope for people living with this vasculitis, and it is an honor to give back.