Join us for a special live webinar:  Refractory Vasculitis
Tuesday, June 27
1PM ET  / 12PM CT  / 11AM MT / 10AM PT

Refractory, which means stubborn or unmanageable, refers to vasculitis that is hard to achieve full control over or that returns despite continued medication. In this webinar, David Jayne, MD, will discuss what refractory vasculitis is and how it can impact someone living with the disease. He’ll also explore how physicians like himself investigate patients with vasculitis to find out why the medicines are not working properly and what alternative advice they give. With newer treatments, almost all patients should now achieve full vasculitis control and not suffer from the symptoms of ongoing vasculitis activity and the adverse effects of sustained high doses of steroids.


The Presenters

Professor of Clinical Autoimmunity, University of Cambridge. Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Kathy Olevsky, diagnosed with MPA in 2009.