Date: Friday, February 2

Time: 12:00 pm Central Daylight Time

1:00 pm ET/11:00 am  MT/10:00 am PT

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Being pulled into the world of an unexpected, rare, and serious medical condition can be scary. It’s like entering the unknown and, sometimes, it can feel like the disease is taking control of your or your loved one’s life. Enter Robert Cochrane, PhD, the founder of Yes, And…eXercise!. In this playful, joy-sparking, creative workshop, Robert will guide you through simple, fun improv games that invite you to get comfortable in the unknown. Using his foundational research on the power of improvisation and storytelling in improving quality of life for people with serious medical conditions, he’ll help you:

  1. Learn to accept what is and respond to it. Life’s not over just because you got a serious diagnosis.
  2. Remember that vasculitis isn’t in the driver’s seat. You are.
  3. Realize that when we face the reality of our disease head-on (when we say “yes, and…”), we don’t have to live in fear of it.
  4. Reclaim your story and get busy living!

Friendly reminder: This is a safe and brave space. Everyone is welcome! The improv games Dr. Cochrane will share are play-based, not performance-based. (So, no, you don’t have to tell jokes and it’s not about being funny…though we guarantee you’ll have a good time.)

Are you in? 

Friday, February 2nd at 12pm CT