The Vasculitis Foundation, a leading international supporter of research on vasculitis, is pleased to announce requests for Letters of Intent (LOI) for our 2020 research funding cycle.

Grant Awards
$50,000 maximum for one year or $100,000 maximum for two years
International Funding Available:  The VF Research Program funds research worldwide.

To improve the quality of life for patients with vasculitis, and ultimately find the cause/s and cure for vasculitis.

Letter of Intent (LOI) Submission
For our 2020 research funding cycle, we are requiring applicants submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) outlining their proposed research project prior to submitting a grant application.  The LOI should include a brief description of the project, relevance to vasculitis disease, and the applicant’s qualifications.  The LOI should be maximum one-page in length, with minimum 1/2″ margins.

The deadline for Letters of Interest submission is Friday, May 31, 2019.
Members of the VF Research Committee will review each LOI for scientific merit, viability, and relation to the mission of the Vasculitis Foundation.  All applicants will be notified whether they are invited to submit a grant application for review or not.

The deadline for invited applications will be Friday, August 2, 2019.  Funding will be available in early 2020.

The VF Research Program provides one- or two-year seed grants to support pilot studies in researching:

  • Etiology/Pathogenesis (could include a broad range of studies of immunity, inflammation, or vascular biology. Relevance to human vasculitis will be taken into account by the reviewers.)
  • Epidemiology, including genetics
  • Diagnosis, including identification of disease subtypes
  • Treatment/Management, including therapeutics to treat vasculitis or prevent complications, bio markers, and psychosocial outcomes

Award Criteria:  The following will be considered in making funding decisions:

  1. Scientific merit of the proposed project as determined by peer review.
  2. Importance of the area to vasculitis research.
  3. Availability of funds.

For more information, including application guidelines and restrictions, please click here.