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“Engaging with others is how we realize our mission.” 

dana demoulin

“Engaging with others is how we realize our mission.”  If that’s true, then Dana DeMoulin has realized her mission many times over.  She’s been engaging with people for more than three decades as a licensed social worker: first in a private psychotherapy practice and then in medical/palliative care.

As Dana eyed retirement, one of her clients told her about the Vasculitis Foundation (VF) and its mission.  It was something that stuck with her.

Dana has been a care partner for her wife for several years and understands the value in connecting with people who understand what you’re going through. While she was reluctant to come out of retirement, something about the VF and the support groups called to her, and she was especially glad she answered that call after she experienced the warmth of the VF community at the 2023 VF Symposium.

In her role as Support Group Facilitator, she’s able to combine her social work experience with her passion for supporting people who might be feeling “adrift at sea.”  It warms her heart to watch someone new to a group experience love and encouragement as others rally around them.  “The support groups belong to the members,” says Dana, “and my role is to ensure that everyone gets to feel that sense of belonging. I want them to feel welcomed and heard.”

There are several VF support groups, each with their own culture. Dana encourages people to check them all out to find one that feels right.

When Dana isn’t facilitating VF support groups or spending time with her wife, you might find her pursuing another passion: writing. She has written poetry and is currently working on a novel—another endeavor sparked by a former client.