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Dr. Robert Torrano Named V-RED Award Winner

The Vasculitis Foundation has chosen Dr. Robert Torrano, Allergy and Asthma Associates of Northern California, as the inaugural recipient of the Recognizing Excellence in Diagnostics (RED) Award. Dr. Torrano was nominated by two of his vasculitis patients: Susan McGourty, a resident of Paso Robles, and Suzanne DePaolis, a resident of Los Gatos. Both women presented Dr. Torrano his award on July 16.

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l-r: Susan McGourty, Suzanne DePaolis and Dr. Robert Torrano

One of the greatest challenges a patient with vasculitis faces is receiving a definitive diagnosis. Patients often spend months or even years seeking a diagnosis, or worse, living with misdiagnosis and ineffective treatment. As a resource for all vasculitis patients, the Vasculitis Foundation seeks to recognize those medical professionals who make the diagnosis of vasculitis in a timely manner. The RED Award recognizes a medical professional who made a quick diagnosis of vasculitis, thus enabling the patient(s) to receive timely, appropriate treatment.

“Dr. Robert Torrano is the finest doctor that I have ever had because he embodies the best characteristics of what a fabulous doctor should be,” said Susan McGourty. “He fights for you! He treats you as a friends and a human instead of just a clinical case study. After only three months after meeting him, I had my diagnosis [Eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis (EGPA/Churg-Strauss syndrome)}.”

Suzanne DePaolis echoes those remarks, adding that Dr. Torrano never tired, ordering multiple tests until he was able to correctly diagnose her within four months of her first visit. She also points out that he is a consummate scholar, keeping her abreast of the latest vasculitis medical research.

Based in the United States, the Vasculitis Foundation is the only international organization for patients with vasculitis. The VF empowers patients through disease education, raises awareness of vasculitis in the general public and medical community, and funds research to determine the cause, develop more effective treatments, and discover a cure.  The Vasculitis Foundation is committed to improving the lives of current and future patients and is positioned as the definitive resource for patients, family members, medical professionals and researchers seeking information about vasculitis.