Coronavirus: Weathering the Storm Together

As the coronavirus crisis unfolds at a rapid pace, we would like to express our stalwart commitment to closely follow developments in the situation, particularly those that have specific implications for the vasculitis community and  bring you the most accurate information.

We stand in solidarity with everyone affected by the pandemic. We are concerned for all of our patients, families, friends, and co-workers and for the many dedicated medical professionals caring for patients impacted by the disease. We’re actively updating our website, and talking with our vasculitis experts.

Explore below for resources and information.

As you do your own research for information, please make sure to note the date of publication as information is continually being updated. 

February 8, 2021 Update: Information from the American College of Rheumatology Regarding Vaccination Against COVID-19

The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) continues to provide updates on the development of vaccines and treatment of Covid-19 for patients with rheumatologic diseases.

On February 8 2021, the ACR released its COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Guidance Summary for Patients with Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases. The summary was developed the ACR COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Guidance Task Force. Click here to access.

Vasculitis Experts Answer Your Questions

Monday, December 14, 2020 @ 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
COVID-19: A Year-End Update

In our fourth and final COVID webinar for 2020, Dr. Anisha Dua, Dr. Alex Villa-Forte, and Dr. Kevin Byram provide an update about the COVID-19 health crisis. They discuss the latest information available concerning vaccinations, and treatments.

Recorded October 19, 2020
COVID-19 Update

In this third webinar in our series about the COVID-19 health crisis we tackle some of the latest questions that patients with vasculitis are asking our medical professionals.

Recorded September 9, 2020
Vasculitis and Covid-19 Q&A Webinar

Is COVID-10 a vascular illness? What is the status for developing a vaccine for COVID-19? Is the virus being treated with steroid therapy? In this webinar, Dr. Anisha Dua, and Dr. Sebastian Sattui answer these questions submitted from patients concerning the global pandemic.

Recorded September 3, 2020
Vasculitis and Emotional Health

We all know how vasculitis can affect us physically, but we’re not always prepared how it may affect us emotionally. In this segment, Dana DeMoulin, LCSW, Sara Baird Amodio, MSW, EdD, and webinar host, Kathy Olevsky, talk about how a diagnosis can impact our emotional well-being.

August 14, 2020
Effective Strategies for Virtual Telehealth Visits

One of the ways the COVID-19 health crisis has impacted our lives is through a renewed reliance on telemedicine and virtual visits instead of an in-person exams with a medical provider. In this fascinating webinar, Dr. Ronald Falk discusses the pros and cons of telemedicine.

August 14, 2020
The Rise of Telehealth in the Era of Covid-19

Is telehealth the wave of the future? How do patients feel about it? Watch this interesting webinar to learn about a study trying to understand the telehealth experience for patients with autoimmune disease. Dr. Maria Danila, and Dr. Michael George discuss the findings of a survey that looks at the use of telehealth and virtual medical visits.

Recorded August 10, 2020
Vasculitis and Covid-19 Update

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, patients with vasculitis have more questions, concerns, and a need to get the latest, reliable information about this global pandemic. As part of its patient education initiative, the VF hosted this special, live webinar featuring a panel of medical experts led by Anisha Dua, MD, MPH, Director, Northwestern Vasculitis Center.

Recorded August 3, 2020
Vasculitis and Vaccines

In this webinar, Dr. Eric Ruderman gives both an overview explaining what patients with vasculitis need to know about vaccines, and an update about about the development of a potential vaccine for the COVID-19 virus.

Recorded May 23, 2020
What We Know and What We Don’t Know: Vasculitis and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated many questions not only among the general public, but especially for high-risk patients who are being treated with immune suppressing medications. In this exclusive VF Road to Wellness Webinar, a panel of medical specialists address many of the questions being asked by patients with vasculitis during this global health crisis.

The Basics: What You Need To Know

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Information if You are Immune-Compromised

We understand the special anxieties, questions, and stress for our community, especially those taking immune suppressive medicines like biologic drugs.  The populations likely to be at higher risk of developing severe infections are patients with rheumatic diseases, including vasculitis. We will continue to gather information and consult our medical experts to answer your questions with accurate information.

Situation Reports

Novel Coronavirus

A short video by the World Health Organization about the coronavirus.

Voices from Our Community: We Understand. We’re in this Together

The Vasculitis Foundation is Here for You

A message from the VF Board of Directors President, Suzanne DePaolis

Special Episode of The Ride Podcast

Sara Amodio’s Podcast Episode on the Coronavirus

What We Do Today, Impacts Our Tomorrow

Patients like Kathy are asking everyone to do their part to #FlattenTheCurve

Social Distancing is Everyone’s Responsibility

Immune compromised individuals like Katrina, are at higher risk of serious infection. Everyone is responsible for social distancing.

Your Actions Matter. Stay Safe and Follow the Guidelines

Your healthcare provider is coming to work for you. Thank them by staying home.

You Don’t Have to Look High-Risk to Be High-Risk

Thank you for helping everyone by following CDC guidelines and social distancing.

You Can Help Protect Me! 

You can protect me and other immune-compromised individuals by staying home.

Special Podcast: Staying Positive During COVID-19

In this special Vasculitis Foundation-produced episode, Ben visits with Dr. Susan Wilson, a retired Emergency Room Physician and current Life Coach.

Do YOU have a message to share?

We are collecting patient voices to bring awareness about the importance of social distancing, the potential impact of COVID-19 on people with are immune-compromised, and flattening the curve. Email your video to the VF  [email protected].


The Vasculitis COVID-19 Project: A patient-powered study of the Autoimmune Research Collaborative

We have been working with our research partners in the Autoimmune Research Collaborative to conduct a vasculitis and autoimmune COVID-19 patient-powered study.

This project is helping researchers, clinicians, and other patients better understand how people with vasculitis are dealing with COVID-19/the novel coronavirus. We are no longer enrolling new participants  but we will continue to report our findings as they become available.