Jeffrey Fishbein, PsyD

Jeffrey Fishbein

Deerfield, Illinois

Dr. Fishbein was diagnosed with non-systemic microvasculitis with multiple neuropathies in 2013 and writes the column “Fish’s Focus on Health” for the VF’s bimonthly newsletter and website.  He and his family host the annual Chicago Golf Open each year, which helps fund the VCRC-VF Fellowship Program.  

Dr. Fishbein is a clinical and sports psychologist with Fishbein Performance Consulting in Deerfield, Illinois. He works with individuals, families, athletes and teams on overcoming adversities in their lives, among many other things of course. He teaches others the need to find the positive in an otherwise negative event, to interpret life events optimistically, and to find purpose and meaning in the most uncertain times.

As he wrote in his board application, “Being a patient allows a unique perspective from which I draw on to enhance the skills above as well as to be empathetic toward the people we are all trying to positively effect.”