Takayasu’s Arteritis

Katrina Bargender – Young Patient Inspired by Other Achievers with Vasculitis Completes Kids’ Triathlon

Diagnosed with Takayasu’s arteritis in March 2016 and faced with enormous obstacles on her road to recovery, Katrina Bargender, a high school senior from Racine, Wisconsin, attended the 2017 International Vasculitis Symposium in Chicago, which was the turning point in her vasculitis battle....

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Lauren Becchetti – Young Adult Takayasu Patient Grateful for Early Diagnosis

Under the recent “Big Dream” campaign, the Vasculitis Foundation asked me what my dream was for the Vasculitis Community. Part of my response included the idea that it would be great to see all doctors understand and treat vasculitis with the same respect and attentiveness as they do for other…...

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