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Amanda’s Story

PAN Patient Takes On NY Marathon To Benefit VF

My name is Amanda. On Nov. 6, my dad, Karl, will run the NY Marathon. This will  be his second time to run the race, the first time since being diagnosed  with vasculitis.

In 2007, after months of training and completing the New York City Half Marathon, my father decided to run the New York Marathon. The race had always been on his Bucket  List. During the marathon an  Abdominal Aortic  Aneurysm (AAA) burst around the 15-mile mark. He was not able to continue the race and eventually was flown by Medivac Helicopter to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

He survived the 7-hour life saving surgery. After being in the best shape of his life, the day before, he awoke in the ICU with a breathing tube in his throat and hooked to all kinds or monitors. The vast majority of people who experience a AAA do not survive. He is extremely fortunate.

After extensive testing my dad was diagnosed with an extremely rare disease called Polyarteritis nodosa (PAN), a disease of unknown cause that affects arterities, the blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to the organs and tissues. My dad had six months of chemotherapy to bring the PAN under control.

At that point more surgery was needed to remove a portion of my fathers colon. The artery that burst fed his colon and the lack of blood flow did severe damage. There were complications with the colon re-section and my father could not eat any solid or liquid food for five months.

My father was out of work for about a year but thanks to the Doctors and Nurses at The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvannia he is back to living a normal life. He will always have PAN and will have to go for routine check-ups for the rest of his life.

We are planning two fundraising events to benefit the Vasculitis Foundation:

I will be holding my official fundraiser on Oct. 23, 2011:

700 York Road
Warminster, PA 18974
There will be raffle baskets as well as entertainment by the Absolute Music School.

Please come out and support our cause! Every little bit really does count.

On Nov. 6, my dad is running the NY Marathon. Please support his run by making a donation in his honor.

Thank you!

From Karl:

I am extremely proud of Amanda for organizing her fundraiser. I am eternally grateful to all the Doctors and Nurses at Doylestown Hospital and The Hospital of the Univerity of Pennsylvannia.

I am extremely fortunate and blessed to be able to be with my family.Since my illness I have seen both my oldest daughter and son graduate grade school and both turn 16. I was able to see my youngest daughter graduate kindergarten and attend her first day of first grade. My oldest daughter passed her drivers license test and turned 18 and my son received the Basketball MVP awards for both LaSalle and CB South. I was also able to see my oldest daughter play the lead role in Annie for her eight grade play. Without the “ROCK STAR” doctors and nurses at HUP I would have missed out on those memerable experiences. 

Thanks to all the Nurses and Doctors involved in my recovery especially Dr Birnbaum , Dr Carpenter and Dr Morris. Hopefully I will be able to experience all the good things to come in the future like college graduations, weddings , birthdays, holidays and all the unexpected pleasures of life.

I also want to thank my family and friends for all their support during my illness especially my parents, wife and children. You were my inspiration!

Raising money for the Vasculitis Foundation is my way of giving back in order to bring awareness to PAN and raise donations that may help someone like me.

Thanks for your Support,



Published: November 2011

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