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Vasculitis researchers around the world are working to find better treatments and, ultimately, a cure for this disease. Thanks to generous supporters like you, we funded our 50th research study this year! It was a major milestone.

Research is uncovering critical information to help people with vasculitis. Scientists and clinicians like Peter Grayson, MD, from NIH/NIAMS and Jason M. Springer, MD, from University of Kansas Medical Center, are working to solve the mystery, and the future looks promising.

Please read the Annual Appeal 2019 letter and Join our Journey to fund progress and develop better, smarter treatments for vasculitis by making a donation today.

“We’re at this point now where we not only need better treatments, but we need smarter treatments. We’re trying to learn how to be more precise.”

Peter Grayson, MD

“This opens up a new frontier in which we think beyond the mindset that steroids are a necessary part of the treatment of vasculitis.”

Jason M. Springer, MD
University of Kansas Medical Center

The second pillar of our three-year Join Our Journey campaign focuses on better treatments. The first year’s theme was early diagnosis; next year’s focus is better quality of life.

Your support will make a difference for people like:

Sam Dodge

Patient with microscopic polyangiitis

“Sometimes I feel as if we are living a slow-motion British murder mystery, and we patients are the potential victims. The good news is that the researchers, clinics and the doctors are the detectives. And there is a worldwide team of brilliant people interested in us and looking after us.”
Click here to read Sam’s story and watch his video featured in Vasculitis Voices.

Dedra DeMarco

Patient with Takayasu arteritis

“Lots of tears, fear, frustrations and isolation on top of being very sick while having a newborn,” she said. “Research is so important so we can find these breakthrough treatments.”
Click here to read Dedra’s story and watch her video featured in Vasculitis Voices.

Better, smarter treatments will help improve the lives of patients with vasculitis, like Sam and Dedra. Gifts like yours will help make the following initiatives possible.

Research to develop better, smarter treatments for vasculitis

Stakeholder’s summit to identify the barriers and challenges in researching the rarer forms of vasculitis

Translating our educational materials into other languages to make information accessible around the globe

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