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“Right Now, It’s Like This”

John and Annaruth’s Journey
with Vasculitis

Your support of the Vasculitis Foundation (VF) has helped us empower and comfort people with vasculitis around the globe. Together, we have remained committed to our shared mission of earlier diagnoses, new treatments and, ultimately, a cure. We are asking you to keep the momentum going by making a gift today.

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Did you really think that we would let a season go by without a trivia game? Of course not!

Who: You! Yes, you! This includes people with vasculitis, VF staff, medical providers and care partners.
What: A fun, general knowledge game.
Where: Virtually on Zoom!
Why: Because we are competitive and trivia is fun!
When: Thursday, October 26 at 7:00PM CT
How: Register for $10. All proceeds support the VF’s mission.

Find out what the VF has been up to for the past
two years

Our newest Impact Report is here, full of our community’s stories, our dynamic programs, the innovative new directions we’ve pursued, and the impact we’ve had with your support.

Even as we look back in this report, we look forward as we continue to strive to listen to you, meet you where you are, and build a world where everyone living with vasculitis has the support and resources they need. And, eventually, a cure.

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