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Dear Friends,

The Vasculitis Foundation (VF) cannot say thank you enough for giving to the vasculitis community. Your willingness to help others living with vasculitis inspires the VF Board of Directors and staff to work effectively toward the goals of providing more research, education programs, and awareness campaigns around this disease. I am writing to ask you to keep the momentum going. Our overall goal for this coming year is to put one foot in front of the other, which can lead to earlier diagnoses, new treatments, and ultimately a cure. Would you please consider a gift this fall to move us closer?

Nina Adams

“The best way for me to stay positive is to help others. I’m a regional contact for the VF and regularly participate in the weekly support calls. Getting support from others is important. And don’t give up! It took two and a half years for me to be diagnosed with polyarteritis nodosa (PAN). If you already have a diagnosis, you’re ahead of the game. The VF is an amazing organization. They have created numerous webinars, funded research, helped open vasculitis centers, and much more. It’s because of everything they do with minimal resources, that I made the VF my ‘charity of choice,’ making an annual donation a part of my Required Minimal Distribution from my IRA. It saves me tax dollars and benefits the VF. Please consider supporting the VF for all they do.”

Teresa Searls

Teresa comes to every patient support meeting with a positive attitude, eager to help others on their journey. Each week she says, “Hi, I’m Teresa and I have aortic vasculitis with no letters.” (Teresa is referring to others in the group who identify as having GPA, MPA, and EGPA.) She lives in the Seattle, Washington area. Teresa’s doctor has been helpful treating her disease; however, Teresa would like a vasculitis center in the Seattle area to help the many patients who live there. Last year, the VF combined research, the VPPRN, Vasculitis Centers, and Medical Education all under one umbrella—known as V-BOLD (Building Outcomes, Leading Discoveries).  Together, these areas work to strengthen the discovery and delivery of outstanding care for a patient, and through V-BOLD, the VF works with institutions assisting in the creation of vasculitis centers.

In this heartfelt testimonial, Eric Nordell talks about how the Vasculitis Foundation has played a key role in managing his vasculitis over the last eight years.

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