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2018 Kansas University Vasculitis Conference Includes Programs on Vasculitis Diagnosis, Medications and Research

by Suzanne DePaolis, Member, VF Board of Directors

More than 60 participants attended the August 4, 2018, VF Vasculitis Educational Conference.

On August 4, I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the Kansas University – VF Vasculitis Educational Conference.

I am an education junkie, so I love attending these conferences. I always end up learning a few new things that can better help me better manage my EGPA/ CSS vasculitis during each and every meeting.

We are extremely lucky that we have the Vasculitis Foundation working so hard to bring these regional one-day conferences to many regional vasculitis centers.

Here are some of the highlights from the meeting:

› Tanaz A. Kerman, MD, MS from UCLA gave an excellent overview of the medications used in treating vasculitis and the side effects of those medications. She talked about some of the new medications that could potentially reduce the need for steroid therapy.

› I had the pleasure of speaking to the audience about “Finding a New You” after a vasculitis diagnosis. Drawing from my own experience I explained that after a diagnosis you have to accept and adjust to a new normal.

› Jason Springer, MD, MS gave the closing comments and everyone left feeling positive about the future of vasculitis research.

You can read my full blog posting at https://bit.ly/2vJ2lpA