VF Team Brandon to Help Patients Achieve Their Personal Best in 2017!  

We are pleased to announce that the Vasculitis Foundation will continue its partnership with Brandon Hudgins, professional long-distance runner, and GPA/Wegener’s patient, and leader of VF Team Brandon, in 2017.

VF Team Brandon was established in March 2016 to support Brandon as he trained for the 2016 Summer Olympics.  Although he didn’t make the Olympic Team, Brandon’s amazing spirit and positive outlook on life inspired 300+ team members to participate in weekly exercise challenges to become more active and healthy.  Members also participated in awareness challenges issued by Brandon.

In 2017, VF Team Brandon will help even more patients living with vasculitis and their family members achieve their own “Personal Bests”.  Brandon’s personal experience as a patient and his educational background (BA in Physical Education Fitness and Wellness and an MS in Exercise Science: Strength and Conditioning from Winthrop University) gives him a unique perspective and understanding on motivating patients living with chronic illnesses.

Join VF Team Brandon and become a part of Brandon’s mission to help patients with vasculitis lead healthier lives, and to spread the word about vasculitis and the Vasculitis Foundation! 

We are kicking off the 2017 campaign in December to encourage members to become active NOW and NOT wait until after the holidays to implement a few healthy habits!  Our last Road Map to Wellness Webinar of the year will feature Brandon, other patients, family members, and the VF staff, for a discussion on ways to incorporate good nutrition and exercise into your life for 2017!  We will discuss how to maintain one’s health while trying to live with a disease that can depress one both physically and mentally.  Brandon will share some of his experiences as a patient with vasculitis, and a professional athlete.

“I know what it’s like to be so ill that you have to put career goals aside so you can get through the worst of vasculitis.  I had three relapses and it greatly impacted my competitive running,” says Brandon.  “Hopefully in this webinar, I can share my experiences with other patients going through that same dark period.  I’m proof that you can manage the illness and achieve your goals.”

Achieving Your Personal Best (PB) with Vasculitis Webinar
Speaker:  Brandon Hudgins
Wednesday, December 14, 2016
12:00 p.m. Eastern
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Please join Brandon  for a discussion on ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle and positive outlook in the year ahead.


Follow Brandon competing at the 2016 Olympic Trials July 7-10, 2016.



EVERYONE can participate!  Join Today!

Since we are spread out all over the world it is impossible to get us all together so here’s what we will do!  All contributors will participate from wherever you live.  You choose the location, the time, and the distance, and if you want to walk, jog or run.

Become a part of Brandon’s mission to help patients with vasculitis lead healthier lives, and to spread the word about vasculitis and the Vasculitis Foundation.

We’re on Brandon’s Team!