2017 Symposium Scholarship

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About the VF Symposium Scholarship Program

Application deadline: Friday, April 7, 2017.

Scholarship recipients will be notified by Monday, April 24, 2017.

For first time attendees, the 2017 International Vasculitis Symposium brings hope to those who thought they were alone in the fight against vasculitis.

Thanks to the generous support of many donors, conference scholarships will be available to the 2017 International Vasculitis Symposium.

Symposium scholarships are intended for those who would be unable to attend without outside financial assistance. We regret we are unable to assist all those who apply for symposium scholarships; however, the Vasculitis Foundation will use the resources of our scholarships funds to assist as many applicants as we are able.

The Vasculitis Foundation is pleased to offer two types of scholarships for the 2017 International Vasculitis Symposium.

The Celeste Benedict Castillo Lee Memorial Scholarship for a Newly Diagnosed (since January 1, 2016) Vasculitis Patient
Celeste Lee – a cherished wife, sister, daughter, and mother, faithful friend, and passionate patient advocate, died on February 9, 2017.
Celeste was a longtime member of the Vasculitis Foundation and a founding member of the North Carolina VF Support Group.  Celeste was a life-long patient advocate and patient with Granulomatosis with polyangiitis and ESRD (end stage renal disease).  She dedicated her professional and personal life to employing the principals of patient and family-centered care: dignity and respect; sharing information; being an active participant in one’s health.  To honor Celeste, the VF and the V-PPRN have established a scholarship for a newly diagnosed (since January 1, 2016) vasculitis patient to attend the 2017 International Vasculitis Symposium.  The scholarship will cover symposium registration, travel, and lodging for a patient and companion.

The VF Vasculitis Symposium Scholarship for Patients  
The Vasculitis Foundation is pleased to welcome applications from VF members who are patients who have had vasculitis for more than one year.  This year’s symposium will offer interesting and informative educational and networking opportunities for all attendees.  The scholarships have several funding levels and can include support for registration fees, travel support, and lodging.  Applicants are encouraged to apply for different levels of support depending on their needs.

Click here to access the application.

Support Vasculitis Foundation Scholarship Program

Please help support the Vasculitis Foundation Scholarship Program by making a gift today. The more dollars we can raise together, the more opportunities we can create for new and aspiring attendees.  Please add a comment on the form to indicate that your gift is designated for the scholarship fund.


On behalf of all those who will receive scholarships to this year’s conference, we thank you for your generous support.